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Hello and welcome to Sole Nutrition, my name is Hayley and I have worked within my field for over 10 years now. Meeting wonderful clients and families that make my work life an exciting journey.

I offer a variety of services, events and classes so please navigate your way using the tabs on the left hand side and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Reflexology - where it all started

Back in 2004 I found out I had passed my exams in Reflexology whilst walking in the Peak District and the excitement and happiness that I felt then has only grown over these many years of sharing Reflexology with many different clients.

Reflexology is a gentle yet effective therapy which helps maintain good health and wellbeing, and may also help a large variety of health conditions. The theory of Reflexology is that the whole body is mirrored in the feet and hands as 'reflexes'.

By applying varying degrees of pressure on these reflex points, will help bring stimulation, circulation and healing energy to those parts of the body in need, therefore bringing the whole body into a state of balance leading to optimal health.

Reflexology is a holistic complementary therapy, treating each person individually and strives to find the root cause whilst working to re-balance the main problem to ensure continued good health.

Reflexology will teach you about your body and it will work with your body's natural healing potential.


What can Reflexology offer?

The general effects of Reflexology vary from person-to-person,but in general, Reflexology may help :

Boost your circulation - helping essential oxygen    and nutrients move easily around your body    resulting in more energy

Boost your immune system - helping fight off colds, flu and other infections

Detoxification - helping eliminate toxins from the body

Reflexology also helps to:

Relax and Revitalise

Take 'time out'

Induce Calm

Reduce Stress

Balance Emotions


What can you expect?

In your 60 minute appointment will include a consultation (1st appointment only) to discuss your current and past medical health and then you will receive a full Reflexology treatment, after your feet have been warmed through with warm towels.

The deep relaxing treatment is tailored to you, bringing your mind and body back into a state of harmony. This treatment uses massage and pressure techniques to maintain good health and to help alleviate specific health conditions.

To finish your feet are washed down with warm towels and you are left to come of the couch in your own time.

Reflexology is a healing therapy and although one treatment will bring on relaxation, a full course of treatments is more beneficial for your health issues (packages are available).

It is difficult to say how many treatments an individual may need as it is very dependent upon each persons health status, but this is discussed within your first visit and will be tailored to your needs. You are an individual and your treatment caters for this-no two treatments will ever be the same.

Helping you to feel revived and refreshed … ready for any challenges ahead of you!

I also offer:


Indian Head Massage

Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Neck, Scalp and Face.

The massage treatment enhances relaxation and health. Your nerves will be gently stimulated during this treatment , promoting calmness, alertness and general well being.

Who may benefit from an Indian Head Massage:?

  • Computer workers
  • People suffering with Headaches/Migraines
  • If you have shoulder/arm/neck/scalp tension
  • If you can feel ‘knots’ forming in your shoulders
  • If you have RSI/Carpal Tunnel
  • If you suffer with your sinuses
  • If you suffer from insomnia
  • If you are in need of an immune system boost
  • To stimulate circulation
  • If your head is always busy and needs calming
  • If you feel stressed or anxious
  • If you want to feel well in yourself

A 60 minute appointment is offered with the Indian Head Massage and oil is used on the body, face and the scalp due to its beneficial properties (oil can be omitted on the scalp if preferred).

You will sit in a chair for the duration and you will receive a massage on your skin (not through clothes) to the upper shoulder area, arms, hand, neck, scalp and face.

By the end of this treatment you may well float out of the clinic! For more information or to see if Indian Head Massage can help you please contact me.


Where are these treatments available?

I am available for treatments at, FEET etc 76 Derby Rd, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7AB

  • Wednesdays 11-5pm
  • Thursday 4-7pm
  • Friday 4-7pm

Times outside of these clinic’s may be available upon request. Mobile visits are available at an extra cost (see price list)

Please contact me to book

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